Super Snare Cajon – Black Edition- Siam Oak and Maple

Super Snare Cajon

The Super Snare Cajon has a Textured Black Finish and is dazzling under the stage lights. The Super Snare has a specially designed Maple Front Plate and Siam Oak Body that will Inspire your Music on Stage or in the Studio.
The Super Snare Cajon has a set of 21 coiled snare wires, just like those from a snare drum set to enhance your Crisp, Zippy Snare Sound. The Super Snare Cajon is expandable to add another set of snare wires. The Adjustable Corner Screws give you full control of the Snap in your Slap. The Solid Bass Tones of the Siam Oak Body Creates a Rich Sound!

This Full Size Cajon is Individually Hand Crafted and Hand Adjusted by musicians for Superior sound to Inspire Your Music! The Endless combinations of Snare, Slap and Bass Tones created in different locations on the Face of the Cajon make it a Virtual Drumset in a Box!

Live or in Studio, you will feel great experiencing the full bass spectrum, sizzle snares, slap and responsive finger rolls, inspiring your beats and music. The padded top and Rich Tones will keep you in your groove for hours, solo or with friends.

The Rear Sound Hole is Ideal for Mic Amplification and extends the Truly Amazing Bass Tones to fill the room. A Padded Top and Rubber feet add to your comfort and protection of this Attractive Cajon. Inspire Your Music Today! What are you waiting for?

The Natural finish Cajon is made with a Siam Oak Body to bring out the best in your bass tones and Maple front plate to provide solid slap notes.  Additional snare sets can be added or removed to inspire your music!  This will give any percussionist the maximixum buzz in your tone!

Part Number: SO101-SS-BK

Price: $109

Cajon Features

  • Siam Oak Body & Maple Frontplate
  • 1 Set of 21 Snare Wires Included
  • Black Painted Wood Finish on all Sides
  • Hand Crafted by Wood Artisans
  • Siam Oak Body & Maple Frontplate
  • Hand Tested by Percussionists to Ensure Sound Quality
  • Solid Bass Tone, Buzzy Snare, and Snappy Slap Corners
  • Adjustable Screws to Dial in your Slap
  • Padded, Non-slip Seat Pad
  • Rear Sound Hole Delivers Bass Boom & is ideal for Mic Placement

Product Details

  • Siam Oak Body
  • Maple Front Plate
  • 4-Way Snare Wire
  • Padded Seat
  • 12″ W x 12″ D x 20″ H
  • 8.6 lbs

Accessories & Options

  • Black Carrying Bag
  • Black Backpack
  • Black Padded Carrying Bag
  • Grey Eco Padded Backpack
  • Camo Eco Padded Backpack
  • Vintage Grey CNZ Audio T-Shirt
  • Vintage Grey Echoslap T-Shirt
  • Cajon Shaker (3″, 4″, or 6″ Long)

                         Sample Audio Files

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