About Us

Who We Are!


While going through life, our family’s values of relationships, togetherness, love, service, excellence, fun and making an impact in life collided with our love and passion for music that birthed CNZ Audio.  What started out as a chance to pass on the entrepreneurship gene to the next generation formed into connections with some awesome people who share the same values to create a team ready to love and serve you. Our goal is to make sure you receive quality products at a great value delivered with an excellence in customer service second to none.

Why We Do What We Do!


Understanding that it is our responsibility to make the world better place for those around us, CNZ Audio is reaching out to make a difference in lives that do not have the same opportunity as us.  While in Uganda, we experienced some amazing youth, inspired by music and expressing themselves in a way we have not seen before.  Convicted to make a difference, we have partnered with Pastor Emmy and Supermom, who have adopted 70+ kids and started 5 schools to make a difference in 2000+ children’s lives and give them a hope for a future.  We have committed to helping them finish their newest school in Mbarara, Uganda.  Join us to be part of the solution! Learn more at www.PCMonline.org

Join Our Team!


Music can allow us to express ourselves and takes us to places that we cannot experience otherwise.  It also creates connections  to others in deep and personal ways.  We are grateful for the musicians, artists and friends that have knit the CNZ Audio family together.  If you want to be part of our team to share the good news, experience the products and inspire your music, drop us a note on email or Facebook!  We would love for you to share with others what you think of the CNZ products and we provide free and discounted products to those who want to review the products.  Join our Team!